The future of facade lighting technology

Lukáš Brus - 07/16/2019 - 1 Comment

The future of architectural lighting is projection mapping. It combines abilities of traditional lighting with the ability of media screens. Outdoor projectors are so effective, that they can beat traditional lighting fixtures on price while adding amazing amount of creative possibilities. This new era of light design will transform the architectural lighting industry, as it offers much more than just visual lighting – it is also a high resolution media platform, that can cover infinite surfaces and will find its use in experiential marketing, digital ooh advertising and digital signage.

By projecting images onto buildings one can also create amazing art. Outdoor projectors are equipped with projection mapping software. Meaning that you can use a simple app to control what’s being projected. You can apply various lighting design effects to architectural projection , which is similar to how Photoshop is used to edit photographs.

Light projections on buildings use digital light processing – it is basically a matrix of tiny light dots that change color and intensity based on a data input. In enables architects and light designers to create illumination in a completely new way. Now you can seamlessly transcend from light, to texture, augmented reality, media and back to light. Size of the projection is unlimited as well the use shapes and graphics. The only limiting factor in the future of illumination is your fantasy.


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5 years ago

Je suis française.
Moi, intéressée par ce matériel.
Plus de renseignements please.
Est ce que je peux créer ma propre histoire et mettre mon histoire à moi, en images grâce au projecteur ?
Quels sont vos thèmes de noël ?
Est ce que le projecteur est compatible avec l’ordinateur ?
J’ai un logiciel de montage pour film et audio.. J’aimerai mettre mon audio sur les images avec le projecteur, est ce que c’est possible ?

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