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    Company profile

    Lumitrix is an original equipment manufacturer based in the Czech Republic, Europe. Lumitrix designs and manufactures unique hardware and software solutions for interactive projection-mapping applications and also provides creative services to its clients. The main Lumitrix product is the one-and-only outdoor projection system. Lumitrix is backed by Y Soft Ventures, owning a 25% share in the company.

  • Lumitrix Video Mapping Projectors

    Customer Service

    Lumitrix Customer Service helps all around the world. In the early stages of a project, we help our partners evaluate their project needs. We deliver the complete solution to the target destination. We help set-up the system on-site and hand over a fully operational projection mapping technology.

  • Lumitrix Video Mapping Projectors

    Software development

    Lumitrix invests heavily into research & development. The Lumitrix SW Development Team, led by our CTO Václav Švirga, mainly focuses on advancing the Lumiverse App, a cloud-based tool for projection designers.

  • Lumitrix Video Mapping Projectors

    Hardware design

    Lumitrix represents eight years of intense design experience and delivering outdoor projection hardware world-wide. The currently available LUMITRIX T2S projector series is the third generation of the original Lumitrix outdoor projection system. Devices are tested in harsh environments, including the cold and salty seaside in Scotland or warm and dusty Lebanon. The team of hardware designers, mechanical and electrical engineers is continuously working on product improvements. All Lumitrix products are CE certified.

  • Lumitrix Video Mapping Projectors

    Production Line and Service Point

    Lumitrix outsources some of the specialized manufacturing force, such as the PCB production or metal forming, however, the main assembly and quality assurance takes place at the production line in-house. This is also the service point for all Lumitrix products.

  • Lumitrix Video Mapping Projectors

    Global delivery and service

    We deliver Lumitrix products to 29 countries around the globe, in some cases with minor modifications to comply with the local law. We deliver the goods usually 3 weeks after an order is confirmed. After the goods are delivered, the Lumitrix Online Customer Support is available to our customers.

History of LUMITRIX

since 2012

The Lumitrix company was founded by a group of projection-mapping enthusiasts in a small garage. The goal was clear – to develop and bring to market a simple plug’n’play projection system for outdoor use.

Focused and hardworking while developing software and hardware for the world’s first outdoor projection system prototype. Testing the device in extreme environments, performance testing, and optimizing the product.

Attending an expo with a global reach – the Christmas World 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. Visitors were very impressed by the projection on the 3D printed model of a cathedral and a key contract was signed with Blachère Illumination. We delivered 20 units of LUMITRIX T1 (Typhoon 6000) to 5 European countries for use in the Seasonal Illumination market. In addition, the LUMITRIX Creative Studio was founded and illuminated the Pernštejn Castle, one of the most epic projects we have ever made. Link here

We moved to a brand-new office and were granted three awards in a single year – 1st place award for the Most Innovative Company in the Moravian-Silesian Region, 2nd place in Vodafone Idea of the Year and 1st place in Best Business Kopřivnice. Lukáš Brus, the company CEO, giving a talk on local TV:
Link here
Furthermore, the first advertisement video promoting the product was published online:
Link here

A year of rapid growth started. Y Soft Ventures recognized an opportunity in the unique combination of software and hardware that Lumitrix provides and invested 1 million USD to have a 25% share in the company. Lumitrix used the resources to start the development of the Lumitrix media server combined with the Lumiverse app for light designers. This revolutionary platform enables the simple creation of glasses-free augmented reality solutions targeting a wide variety of new markets. Also, the next generation outdoor projection system, T2, was introduced.

New sales office and showroom were established in Prague which, in combination with a massive social media campaign, brought many customers and B2B partners from all around the world on-board. We introduced the Lumiverse app for light designers at ISE Amsterdam. Lumitrix was awarded 1st prize for Best Stand Design. Read more in the EXHIBITOR magazine.

The Lumitrix outdoor or indoor solutions have been installed in 29 countries around the world. In April, the dramatically upgraded next generation outdoor projection system was introduced to the market.

Lumitrix Video Mapping Projectors
Lumitrix Video Mapping Projectors




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Lumitrix Video Mapping Projectors
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Projection mapping in retail at RDE:

There’s strong potential for projection mapping in the retail industry. In order to prove that, we went to London for one of the most important events for retailers – Retail Design Expo 2017.

We featured our gesture-recognition based integration feature in the design for FESTKA, a Czech bike manufacturer. Visitors could completely change and customize the design of the bike just by waving a hand in front of the triggers. Furthermore, we presented a direct customer mobile device control. Without downloading an app, visitors could interact with the projection simply by connecting to the shop's website (or by scanning a QR code).

Both types of integrations are native to our Lumiverse App that is included with each LUMITRIX product.

For a short video of our stand at RDE, click here.

Integrated Systems Europe 2017

This was our first time at the well-known AV fair – Integrated Systems Europe. And right off, we experienced a tremendous success!

We made a lot of important connections that will help us kickstart our worldwide expansion. There were visitors passing by saying, "if there’s anything innovative in projection business then it’s all seen at your stand." Lukas, our CEO, spoke on stage about how projections will become a regular part of our everyday lives in the near future thanks to the current advancements in the field of technology. The cherry on top was our victory in the ISE Stand Design Award. Read more on what the jury loved about our stand here.

We couldn’t have wished for more. Thanks everyone who visited us and definitely see you next year in Amsterdam!

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