Revolutionary mapping projector

Outdoor Projection System

‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.‘

- - Arthur C. Clarke

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LUMITRIX outdoor 3rd generation

Hardware & software platform for interactive projection-mapping applications. Designed for permanent outdoor use.

Mapping Editor Lumiverse
Processor i5
Media Storage 200 GB SSD
Color RGB
Projection Technology DLP
Brightness 6.000 ANSI
Image Resolution WUXGA
Lens TR 1.07 - 1.71 or 1.2 - 2.15
Lamp Life 2.000 h
Wireless Control GSM - 4G/LTE; Wi – Fi
Weight 21 kg
Input Voltage 110 - 230 V
Max Power Consumption 550 W
Object Scanner Camera night vision 5 Mpx
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Plug & play

LUMITRIX integrates all functions in a compact wireless device. This makes its use significantly easier compared to the traditional projection setups.

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Light-up endless surfaces

Two or more LUMITRIX projectors can be linked for unlimited brightness/resolution output. The projectors are equipped with the soft edge-blending tools and enable video-playback synchronization.

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  • How does the app work?

    You can control your LUMITRIX devices from a single access point. Once logged-in to your Lumiverse account, you can manage your projectors remotely from any location.

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  • Media library included

    Play content from the built-in library or upload custom media. Supported media formats: .mov .hap .avi .jpg .gif or HTML5.

  • Master complex geometry

    Warp a video on 3D objects in real-time with the embedded multi-surface mapping editor. A single LUMITRIX projector can play up to 64 distorted video-sources simultaneously.

  • Let your audience play!

    Connect your audience with the projected story. The tools for public interaction are built-in the platform. Just scan the QR code and play :-)

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  • Manage your projects easily

    You can remotely upload new media, edit playlists or update a show-time with the embedded projection scheduler.

  • lastz

    „In my opinion what you offer is the best solution / package to deploy projections in the city.“

    Joanie Lemercier

    French video-mapping artist

  • aleksi

    „Your support and advices on the phone were very good and we managed to complete griding and scanning properly. I also checked the support link and that site looks really helpful! You have also made the user interface very easy to use after just a few hours of practicing.“

    Aleksi Riihimäki

    WhiteNight lighting

  • chriss

    „There is so much to love about this system. It takes the boundaries of mapping to another level. It allows me to concentrate on the content rather than the technical aspects of artistic projection..“

    Chris Lavelle

    LDI studios