Revolutionary mapping projector

Outdoor Projection System

‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.‘

- - Arthur C. Clarke

Product specification

LUMITRIX outdoor 3rd generation

Hardware & software platform for interactive projection-mapping applications. Designed for permanent outdoor use.

Mapping Editor Lumiverse
Processor i5
Media Storage 200 GB SSD
Projection Technology DLP
Brightness 6.000 ANSI
Image Resolution WUXGA
Lens TR 1.07 - 1.71 or 1.2 - 2.15
Lamp Life 2.000 h
Wireless Control GSM - 4G/LTE; Wi – Fi
Weight 21 kg
Input Voltage 110 - 230 V
Max Power Consumption 550 W
Object Scanner Camera night vision 5 Mpx
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Plug & play

LUMITRIX integrates all functions in a compact wireless device. This makes its use significantly easier compared to the traditional projection setups.

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Light-up endless surfaces

Two or more LUMITRIX projectors can be linked for unlimited brightness/resolution output. The projectors are equipped with the soft edge-blending tools and enable video-playback synchronization.

Simulate your project
  • How does the app work?

    You can control your LUMITRIX devices from a single access point. Once logged-in to your Lumiverse account, you can manage your projectors remotely from any location.

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  • Media library included

    Play content from the built-in library or upload custom media. Supported media formats: .mov .hap .avi .jpg .gif or HTML5.

  • Master complex geometry

    Warp a video on 3D objects in real-time with the embedded multi-surface mapping editor. A single LUMITRIX projector can play up to 64 distorted video-sources simultaneously.

  • Let your audience play!

    Connect your audience with the projected story. The tools for public interaction are built-in the platform. Just scan the QR code and play :-)

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  • Manage your projects easily

    You can remotely upload new media, edit playlists or update a show-time with the embedded projection scheduler.