How to make innovative Christmas decorations with projection mapping

Lukáš Brus - 07/16/2019 - 1 Comment

Seasonal illumination is changing our cultural environment in winter time. From November to January, streets of our towns and facades of our buildings change with commercial Christmas lights. Outdoor Christmas lights add magical atmosphere and create unique experiences for families to enjoy.

The industry behind the biggest light design event of the year produces various styles of light objects (snowflake, star, deer ..) and installs these large items in streets and on building facades. The seasonal illumination spending is made 45% by municipalities, 45% by shopping malls and 10% other business. (in Europe)

Projection mapping technology powered by waterproof outdoor projectors is revolutionizing the industry with next generation creative possibilities as well as with 1000% higher installation effectivity. In other words: You can set-up cool projection on a building in a few hours. Since its all just projected light, the cost of visual change is zero so you can respond to client’s needs in real-time. You can do completely new concepts, involving real-time audience interactivity.

Our customer in France made an experiment where he illuminated a 200 sqm façade half by projection and half by traditional lighting and found out that it took 2 man-days to fully set-up the digital projection vs. 20 man-days setting up the traditional lights. How is that possible? Imagine all the cable-works, all the drawings, and scaffoldings needed for traditional lights set-up and compare it to a single human wirelessly operating a few compact outdoor projectors.


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